Saturday, April 6, 2013

Resurrection Sunday 2013

As Christians, we actually celebrate the resurrection of Christ every Sunday, since He rose on the first day of the week.  However, we also enjoy a special Sunday each year, where we specifically remember the resurrection.
As you can probably tell from some of my blog posts, we love to have fellowship in our churches.  On this Resurrection Sunday 2013, the Mohali and Chandigarh churches came together for an all-day combined service.  It literally lasted all day.  We started around 9:30am, and we still had people here cleaning up and fellowshipping at 9:30pm! 
Early morning food prep...glad the monkey didn't visit us on this day!

We had an attendance of 110 that day!  What a blessing!.  Someone asked us, "How do you fit that many people into your house?"  Well, we take out all of the furniture, we don't use chairs....and we believe in close fellowship!!
We had a truly blessed day celebrating and remembering the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord.

A surprise visitor

We live in the city...not in the jungle.  But, once in a while, wild animals still roam!  We had a surprise visitor outside our house the other morning.
This was quite a large monkey, who climbed over the wall in back of our house and looked around our yard for a while.
These pictures were taken from inside the house, through an open window.  These monkeys can get aggressive, if they are confronted.
After eating a few handfuls of peppermint that we have growing there, he jumped the wall into the neighbors yard.